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Refunds & Exchange

The hair has never been used, and the security ties are intact. These ties can be gold, brown or zip ties. Hair that is received in opened condition is discarded. Do not remove the zip ties/golden ties/brown ties if you may need to return.

Hair that is returned open is subject to a minimum 25% restocking fee of the full value of the order. 

  • For Return, we request delivery company to return the item and will issue refund on checkout once warehouse confirms the item is received and a credit memo will be created for the item
  • Once we have received and inspected the returned product(s) and approved we will refund the price paid by you for the product(s) 
  • Yes, customers are responsible for safely sending the exchange or return item back to us. We suggest you purchase tracking information from Natural Curls your courier as is not responsible for lost returns.  

As soon as your return is received by our facility your return will be processed within 24-48 hours and receive an email stating the return was completed.

Once we have sent your refund back to your original payment method, it can take your financial institution up to 5-7 business days to process.

You can gentle remove the weave from its package to test the color. Do not remove the zip tie/gold tie & white ties

If you are returning your order, you will be responsible for your own return shipping costs. The shipping label amount will be deducted from your total refund. we cannot take responsibility for lost returns.  

We are pleased to offer a refund or exchange within 7 days of you receiving your order. Items must be returned in their original packaging and condition. The hair has never been used, and the security ties are intact. These ties can be gold, brown or zip ties. Hair that is received in opened condition is discarded. Do not remove the zip ties/golden ties/brown ties if you may need to return. Hair that is returned open is subject to a minimum 25% restocking fee of the full value of the order. 

Natural Curls Hair Extensions - Quality/Application/Care

Remy hair is the highest quality of hair extensions! What makes Remy hair so great? Remy hair is kept with the cuticles intact and all hair strand are aligned in the natural direction of growth. This means beautiful hair that is soft to touch and does not easily tangle.   

Virgin hair is 100% human hair that is unprocessed and has not been altered with chemicals or mixed with synthetic hair  

Virgin hair is less processed then Remy hair and is used in our semi-permanent collection (Tapes, Weft, and Keratin tip, closure ). This hair is even softer then our clip hair. 

Clip-in Extension - Temporary extensions usually applied for one or two days. These are an excellent and extremely popular way to extend your look. Clip-ins are short-term solutions
that can be applied or removed in minutes without the help of a stylist because extensions have tiny combs that attach to the root of the hair.

Tape-in Extension- Tape-in or Adhesive Skin Weft hair extension is a hairpiece made from human hair, and can be attached to the wearer's scalp by a specialized tape system. Small Strips of tape are used to sandwich a person's real hair and the extensions  

Weft - in Extension - Commonly known as a weave. These extensions usually lasts up to three months and it takes several hours to do the whole head. Wefts of hair extensions are sewn onto your naturally braided cornrows with a needle.  

Keratin tip - Pre-Bonded Keratin (hair protein) Synthetic Polymer Compound – Most durable of extension. Very hard for hair to slip out. Used with heated purging tool.

Natural Curls does not recommend dying, toning or altering the hair in anyway in order to maintain the amazing quality. Should you choose to dye your hair you should always take them to a professional licence hair stylist. Always use a tester piece first before dying. Once Bombay Hair extensions have been dyed, toned, altered we can no longer guarantee the quality of the product. 


Slight shedding and tangling is normal for all hair extensions.You may experience shedding differently base on which installation method,texture of the extensions, and hair product you use. You can minimize shedding/hair-fallout, by maintaining your hair extensions with great care, make sure to brush them before and after use. 

As for tangling, just like your natural hair, hair extensions can and may tangle. Tangling can be cause by many reasons. Humid weather, using the wrong hair products, not enough maintenance, or using heat tools without heat protective products can cause tangling over time.  

To minimize tangling you can start with brushing your hair extension 2-3 times with a detangling brush. Make sure any hair product you use is alcohol-free, sulfate-free, and paraben-free. These
chemicals can dry out your hair extension which lead to tangling and matting. Make sure to use heat protective spray before styling with any heat tools. Develop a good night time routine.Brush your hair and put into a braid or a loose ponytail, you can also wear a silk cap before going to bed. Treat your hair extension like your own hair, maintenance is the key to have long lasting hair extension.

Hair Extensions are 100% Remi human hair and can be styled exactly like your own
natural hair. We recommend applying a heat protectant spray prior to using styling tools such as blow dryers, flat irons, curling irons, and etc. to maintain the quality of your Natural curls Hair Extensions.
We also advise a lower heat setting when using styling tools to prolong the life of the hair. Lastly, make sure to avoid direct heat or contact on the application areas via tape/bond to help ensure the longevity of the installation.    

With Clip-Ins, we recommend taking them out and storing safely until your next use. While you may sleep in them, it will only help to prolong their lifespan.   

With any of our permanent Hair Extensions Wefts, Tape-Ins, and Keratin Tips), please keep all these tips in mind. 

· Before bed, gently brush your Natural Hair Extensions to
remove any tangles or buildup from the day.

· Secure hair in braid, ponytail, or pigtails. Make sure it is loose
and low, not pulling hair too tight. A braid is ideal as it keeps your
hair tangle-free.

· Make sure to sleep on a satin pillowcase to reduce friction as you
move in your sleep.

· Lastly, never sleep with your hair extensions wet or damp.   

We pride ourselves on selling only high quality hair. We are committed to providing excellent hair. We create our hair according our high quality standards. This hair has to be healthy human hair and it can’t be damaged. The hair is collected from healthy women. After it has been collected it goes through an elaborate 12 step process to create the perfect hair. The hair goes through a very complex process to guarantee quality. We only sell high quality hair and products.  

For the best color match we advise that you purchase a color ring. Each computer monitor can vary so it is best you have a complete match. Also, we have our own colors. Just because you are a #6 at another company, doesn't mean it will be 100% the same. We have our own color system. 

We're happy to help you find a better match .Please email our team at with the following photos:  

  • A photo of your hair in natural lighting where we can see it fully.

You’re welcome to send a photo of your hair taken in natural lighting and we’ll be happy to color match you. 

Ponytail Hair Extensions FAQ

All ponytail hair extensions are made of 100% natural Remy hair. This means they are free of all the nasty chemicals that you need to avoid. These extensions are also silicon-free so that you can wear them regardless of your allergies. Natural hair extensions are the safest option out there, and you should invest in them instead of cheap yet fake hair extensions.

Ponytail hair extensions are effortless to wear. All you need to do is clip in the extensions in your hair using the invisible comb. After that, you can use the extra strand of hair or the ribbon to hide the region where you secured the extension to your hair. This makes your hair extensions undetectable and natural-looking.

There are many different colors available in ponytail hair extensions. You can choose from black, dark brown, chestnut brown, brown, golden blonde, and blonde. This makes the collection more inclusive. Moreover, you can experiment with more shades and try new styles with the help of this variety.

No, there is no specific length your hair has to be to clip-on extensions. You can wear these ponytail extensions regardless of the length of your natural hair. As long as you can secure the extension correctly in your hair, you are good to go, and you will face no issues.

Halo Extensions FAQ

The kinds of extensions that celebrities use are mostly 100% natural hair extensions. These extensions are not only seamless and top-notch in quality but are also easy to maintain and affordable to buy. The reason most celebrities use them is that they are shiny, luscious, and soft.  

The best extensions that work for thin hair are clip in and halo extensions. They are not prominently shown on the head since they are mostly placed on the back of your head. They make your hair look voluminous and are the best kind to invest in for thin hair.  

Clip-in and halo extensions are the easiest to use. They come with an adjustable wire and clips that securely put them in place. Clip-In and halo extensions are easy to take care of. All you need to do is brush them regularly and condition them once in a while. The process of wearing them is short and simple as well.   

Clip-in hair extensions have smaller sections of hair, while halo extensions are wide enough to fit the back of your head. Another difference is that clip-in extensions come with chunky clips that protrude a little while halo extensions have are fishline and come with an adjustable wire 

Clip in Color Streaks FAQ

Streaks are section/sections of your hair that have a different shade/color than the rest of your hair. This is achieved either be either by dyeing or by using clip-on extensions. Usually, people get streaks that are closer to their natural color. This helps them add
depth to the mane. However, you can even get streaks of contrasting and bright colors like purple, pink, etc.

You can put streak on your hair by either buying color yourself or by going to a salon. However, the most efficient to do it is by getting fake extensions that you need to put and remove in seconds. If you want to get a permanent streak, you can always choose
to get it done professionally rather than trying it yourself the first time.

No. Streaks can look good on any hair texture, length, and color. There is no hard and fast rule to apply streaks. However, since clip-on extensions are straight, you can either
straighten your hair for the period you apply it or style it according to your hair type!

Making clip-on streaks is not an easy task. A lot of work goes into the entire process of getting good quality hair, preparing it, and weaving it strand by strand. The best way to get one is to buy a ready-made one from a good brand. They last longer and are of much better quality than the DIY ones.  

Highlights are done very intricately, and each strand is accounted out for a while applying color. Streaks are a chunk of hair dyed in the same color. Highlights are ideally a few shades lighter or darker than your original hair and are meant to blend in with your natural hair. Streaks can be of any color as long as they are standing out.  

No, streaks are not bad for your hair. If you are getting your hair colored frequently, then yes, it can damage your hair and make it brittle since there are many chemicals present in hair color. However, clip-on extensions are entirely harmless and do not affect your hair in any bad way.  

There is no way highlighting can cause hair loss unless there is a chemical mishap. This is because the color doesn't enter the roots of the hair while highlighting. Highlighting can make your hair rough and brittle and cause some damage, but it does not lead to hair

Clip Hair Extensions FAQ

Always use sulfate-free shampoos with your hair extensions. Since sulfate-free shampoos are natural and contain 100% organic and safe ingredients, they make for smooth, silky, and frizz-free extensions.

You can easily hide your extensions in short hair using three easy steps. First, section hair in a manner that they remain clipped on top of the head. Then, grab the bottom part of your hair and secure it into a ponytail. Finally, you can let your hair down and clip your extensions in place.

If you choose the micro bonding process, your hair extensions will last between 3 and 5

months, whereas weave and tape-based methods can last up to 8 weeks. However, if you purchase clip-in extensions, you can easily fit them daily.

Extensions are definitely reusable. They are not only affordable but offer a long-term fix to new hairstyles. Even though clip-in and individual extensions tend to wear out when used frequently, tape-in extensions are comparatively more long-lasting.

Luxury 5-Clip In Volumizer

A Volumizer weft is an ideal choice for thick-haired beauties, for whom a single simple hair extension fails to perform the magic. It is triple-weaved, curated using three weaves placed on each other. They are tied-up from the base using lace. The clips used are woven using hand, with silicon lubricator beneath every clip to avoid any sliding 

The clip-in Volumizers are easy to use. All you have to do is to first part a section of your hair from the crown and clip it above, leaving the rest of the tresses loose. Then, you have to unclip all the clips and move them around the section of hair left loose. Further, clip-in all the clips to that section perfectly. Then, leave the rest of the hair from above loose to make the extensions blend naturally into your hair.

The clip-in Volumizers are easy to use. All you have to do is to first part a section of your hair from the crown and clip it above, leaving the rest of the tresses loose. Then, you have to unclip all the clips and move them around the section of hair left loose. Further, clip-in all the clips to that section perfectly. Then, leave the rest of the hair from above loose to make the extensions blend naturally into your hair.

Invisible Hair Toppers

It is not possible for hair toppers to fall off easily. This is due to the monofilament base of the toppers, which are resistant to falling off. This is due to the strong foundation of the clip on your hair. Choosing the right size of the base of your hair toppers is crucial to prevent your hair toppers from falling off. 

Often, users of hair toppers complain of tension and pulling. This is not a result of hair loss. You merely need to unclip and clip the toppers back on to avoid tension. Therefore, hair toppers are not the cause of hair loss. 

Wearing your hair down can be difficult when the weather becomes humid. Since toppers mostly cover the crown are, they can be styled in any way. Experimenting with different hairstyles will never be a problem if you have hair toppers.

If you use your hair topper on a daily basis, the recommended frequency of washing is every 2 to 4 weeks. Since the hair topper does not absorb the natural oils from your scalp, you do not need to wash it too often  

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