9 Best Halo Hair Extensions & Ideas (Dubai) 2021

Hair extensions are a great way to style your hair for an occasion without having to go to a salon. You can just attach an extension, let your hair down, and that's it. Open hair looks the best when they are soft and shiny, and hair extensions are a great trick to give an impression of silky hair.

Now there are several kinds of hair extensions available in the market according to hair length, type, and color. Here is a small guide you can refer to before laying your hands on the best halo extensions we have to offer.

Best halo hair extensions

Halo Hair Extension Colours

The first step in choosing which hair color to purchase is to know the color of your hair. It’s pretty basic. There are broadly five natural hair colors that people are born with- Golden/Light brown, dark brown, black and blonde.

Now once you know your shade, the next step is to figure out which color hair extension it matches. At the same time, black and blonde are pretty straightforward colors. However, people often find it hard to match brown shades by simply looking at the photos.

This can be made easier by using the shade card available on the website. You must keep in mind that every brand has its own shade card, so make sure you use one of the brands you are buying the extension from.

Halo Hair Extension Inches

Hair extensions are available in different sizes. You can choose the one that suits you best on the basis of the length of your hair.

  • There are mainly four sizes that hair extensions come in- 16 inches, 18 inches, 20 inches, and 24 inches.
  • The 16 inches one falls slightly over your shoulder, right before the center of the chest. 20 inches extensions end on the breast line while 24 inches ones drop till the waist.

A good suggestion would be that whenever you buy extensions, make sure they are a little longer than your actual hair length. That way, you won't outgrow them, and you can even cut and style them the way you like. Always measure the length of your hair by keeping it straight and preferably moist to ensure you get the exact length.

How to Wear Halo Extensions

Putting on extensions is not rocket science. You can do it at home without any help. There are only a few things you need to keep in mind, and the steps you need to follow while wearing them.

The first thing you must do is detangle and comb the hair. This will make sure you don't make a mess while putting them on. The halo extensions have an adjustable wire and a few clips on them. These clips are present in order to tightly secure the extension in place, and you can even remove them.

The best way to put on a halo extension is to first tie the top section of your hair up neatly. This will create a defined hairline on the back of your hair where you can safely place the extension. Voila, that's it. Once you have slipped the extension onto your hair, just let loose the tied section and gently comb your hair.

Maintenance Tips for Fishline Hair Extension

Taking care of your extensions does not eat up much time. Hair extensions are made out of natural hair. This means you need to treat them like your own hair. Regularly brush your hair extensions, especially before and after you use it. This minimizes hair fall and breakage.

You should avoid dyeing and bleaching your hair extensions. Exposure to heat and chemicals just makes the hair weak and brittle. If you are using your extensions regularly and styling it via heat rods, then make sure that you are conditioning it on a regular basis as well. You can oil your extensions once a week and wash it off with normal shampoo. Dry it out on satin or silk sheets and comb once dry.

How to Shop For Hair Extensions Online

There are various websites that sell hair extensions online. However, you should do your fair share of homework and research before getting your hands on one.

Hair extensions come in different shapes, sizes, and materials. A few of them are natural, while a few are made of silicon. You can choose your pick, but it is recommended that you go for the natural ones.

Before buying, you should verify the shade of your hair as well as the length. Once these basics are set, you can go ahead and make your purchase!

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