Clip In Color Streaks For Black Hair 2021

Hair Streak Ideas for Black Hair - Having luscious black hair has its grace and charm. Having light streaks just embellishes the look. If you are new to hair coloring and have no idea where to start, then you are in the right place.There are more than ten types of highlights that you can choose from. However, it is essential to do some homework and keep in mind the texture and amount of product you want.

Here is a brief guide on the kinds of Clip In Coloured Hair Streaks you can get to know what suits you best.


Hair Highlight Types

Depending on the kind of look you want to go for, there are various highlights. For instance, if you want a professional demeanor with subtle highlights, you can get baby-lights or low-lights as they accentuate your face and blend well with dark brown and black hair. Here is a list of types of hair highlights explained

Full Highlights

Full highlights completely change your look. The color covers all sections of your hair. This makes sure there is no unevenness when you style or tie your hair. If it is your first time getting highlights, we would not recommend full highlights unless you are entirely sure about it. Full highlights are great for those who want to brighten up their hair. Highlights also add depth and dimension to your hair, which makes it look voluminous and bouncy

Partial Highlights

Partial highlights are cost-effective and give a disillusion of full highlights when your hair is set correctly. They are shown in the same manner as full highlights but are put only on the heads top layers. So the sections underneath do not get colored. This makes the hair look fuller as the base is darker. If you feel like your hair looks thin and frail, you should consider getting partial highlights done. Not only will your hair look thicker, but it will also enhance your features and jaw.

Dimensional Highlights

As the name suggests, these add another dimension to your hair. Stylists tend to highlight your cuts to amplify them and make them look prominent. Dimensional highlights are a great example of careful and intricate hairdressing. Usually, they are given on the sides of your fringes or bags. Hairstylists add foils in the middle of the hair to add texture.


You can get baby-lights if you are new to hair coloring. They do not profoundly bring a change to your face, but they add a good depth. If you are skeptical about which color to get, then start with baby-lights. The color is just a few shades lighter than your base coat or natural hair color. This way, the
highlights blend into your hair and give a natural-looking sun-kissed glow.

Highlights vs. Low-lights

Many people don't know the difference between highlights and low-lights, which puts them in a challenging position to explain what they want to the hairdresser. In layman's terms, highlights are lighter colors than your current shade, while low lights are darker. You can even get a mixture of the two to add intense depth and variation.

Balyage Vs. Highlights

The main difference between balyage and highlights is that highlights start from your heads root while balyages are towards the end. The main aim of blayages  is to look as natural as possible. They aren’t done in very contrasting shades.
Balyages are done by freehand at most times. It takes skill and care to get the sections and the product right. A few professional hairstylists even prefer using foils for it as it adds a skilled touch.

Red Highlights

Red highlights are normal highlights with shades of red. You can choose from a range of red shades. Depending on your mood and enthusiasm, a color can be selected. Rain highlights are less common than the others. However they look fantastic in a room full of people.

Black Hair with Highlights

Physics goes behind making art and playing with light. Hairstylists put a lot of effort and research into getting their hands dirty. It might look easy to do highlights on plain black hair, but since you have to start from scratch and make it look natural at the same time, it takes someone skilled and experienced. The result is beautiful beach waves keeping the spirit alive with some spark and, of course, hair coloring.

Highlights Colour for Long Hair

What suits you best will depend entirely on your hair color and what you want to portray. If you have light brown or blonde hair, low-lights sound good. While for darker hair, highlights are common and more suitable. Since longer hair looks thinner, people go for baby-lights to cover it up. While for those with shorter hair, Balyages is the perfect way to lift your face. 

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