Keratin Tip Hair Extensions Near Me, Dubai

If you're looking to restore your hair's shine and volume, you need to know how these u tip keratin hair extensions will change your life. Let’s see some features of using the Keratin tip extensions:

  • Very easy to use
  • You can style these extensions with your regular hair 
  • Perfect for all lengths and all hair colours

Want to know more about Keratin Hair Tip Extension, read on to find your perfect length and shade of extensions to flaunt your beautiful tresses!

Keratin Tip Hair Extensions - FAQs

How to Apply Keratin U Tip Hair Extensions?

Most hair salons across UAE offer services related to u tip keratin hair extensions. The necessary procedure for adding the extension to your hair is by heating the keratin tip while wrapped around a piece of your natural hair. Since the whole process requires skill and expertise, it's best to visit a hairstylist who will help you get your ideal hair with keratin extensions. 

How long do keratin tip extensions last?

The best thing about keratin hair tip extensions is that you don't have to make regular trips to the hair salon for maintaining your hair. In one single visit, you can get your hair glammed up to the style you want with the keratin extensions. Then you don’t have to step foot in the salon for at least six months. 

Do keratin bonds ruin your hair?

With all hair treatments, there is always a certain degree of risk. However, if done correctly, u tip keratin hair extensions have very few chances of damaging your real hair. Breakage and damage are risks; only if there is an improper application of the keratin extensions. It all depends on the hairstylist you choose and his expertise.

Are u tip keratin hair extensions easy to hide?

Yes. If the keratin hair tip extension is placed right, your natural hair should adequately cover the bonds. So, as long as you take a hair professional to help for the keratin hair extension application, the bonds will not be visible. If you feel like the keratin bonds are visible, you can get them removed or adjusted by your hairstylist. 

Keratin Tip Hair Extensions Reviews

Long, voluminous and shiny locks are not a dream anymore! You can easily change up your hairstyle by opting for u tip keratin hair extensions. Celebrities and people alike are using these extensions to amplify their hairdos and make their hair look voluminous. 

Keratin extensions are the easiest way to make your hair go from drab to fab in no time. One salon trip and you’ll leave with beautiful hair for the next six months. Without the need to redo or retouch anything, keratin extensions are the new age extensions on everyone’s list! 

Colourful and Easy To Manage Keratin U Tip Hair Extensions

The keratin extensions are made from high-quality hair strands that resemble the texture of your hair. You can style them; however, you want them and move according to your hair's usual texture. That makes the keratin hair extension the most natural and long-lasting extensions that you can get. 

With so many colours and varieties to choose from, you can effortlessly get the matching shade for your coloured hair. You can comb it, wash it and style it to your heart’s extent and these extensions will stick by you. You can count on these extensions to last you for at least a couple of months after which you might have to get them replaced or removed. 

Keratin tip curly hair extensions

If you’re a curly haired lady and thought you’re going to leave out, you’re wrong! There are special keratin tip curly hair extensions which will make great additions to your curly or wavy mane. 

Since keratin hair extensions come in various textures, you can mix and match from different textures like straight, wavy and curly hair extensions. This way, you can match your natural hair's texture and get the closest match for an extensive and beautiful mane. 

Traditional Hair Extensions vs Keratin Hair Tip Extension

There are several types of hair extensions in the market from permanent to temporary and with different compositions. But a real winner amongst them all is keratin hair tip extension, which emerges as the permanent hair extension. 

Before keratin hair extensions, hairstylists used silicone hair extensions which did irreversible damage to your natural hair. Now, with the natural and safe keratin extensions, everyone is indulging in this trend! 

From your much loved on-screen celebrities to your favourite sports diva, u tip keratin hair extensions are trendy. Stylists and customers love the keratin extensions because it eliminates the hassle of installing them every day. With a couple of visits to the hair salon, you’ll come out with flowy tresses that will wow everyone. 

The non-permanent hair extensions like tape-in extensions and clip-in extensions are easy to use. But they don’t provide the durability and ease of use like keratin hair extensions. That is why you’ll see more and more women opting for keratin hair tip extensions to have a comfortable and uncomplicated hair journey. 

Taking care of your u tip keratin hair extensions

Keratin hair tip extension will last you for a long time, which is a little over six months if you take good care of them. While these extensions are one of the most robust permanent solutions, they are not indestructible. You need to take proper care of the keratin extensions so that they don't damage your hair and you will survive a long time with them. 

To control the heat and water damage, wash your hair every other day with cold water. Use a gentle shampoo-conditioner combo and keep the styling to a minimum. Avoid swimming and leaving your hair open while sleeping at night. Keratin hair extensions are gorgeous to look at, but take a lot of maintenance and care from your end. 

Keratin Tip Hair Extensions (Pros And Cons)

Highly recommended and loved by stylists and customers alike, u tip keratin hair extensions are becoming more popular day by day. To give you a brief overview of them, let's see some of their benefits and advantages:


  • Last for up to six months 
  • Highly customizable 
  • Made with 100% human hair 
  • Low maintenance costs 


  • Long application process
  • High maintenance when the keratin extensions grow out 
  • Expensive 
  • Common side effects are discomfort and pain

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